A comprehensive system of fastening systems for professionals.
Fasteners, matched to them devices, service and technical advice.

The history of BIZON Group dates back to 1983. Its creation was accompanied by a strong need for independence, which is still an important value in our company and a motivation for activity and development.

It all started with Piotr Komierowski, who in 1983 decided to open his own business. Although the 1980s in Poland were not conducive to such initiatives, already in 1985 he launched Zakład Mechaniczny BIZON , producing office staples. The dynamic development of the business and new opportunities that were opened by the opening of the western borders after the fall of the Polish People's Republic allowed the commencement of cooperation with the German company BeA from Ahrensburg.

Fasteners, staples, nails, galvanized, brads, pins, resin coated,  upholstery, carpentry pins, wires

In 1992, a company was established BizeA, the sole distributor in Poland of staplers, pin guns and pneumatic nailers BeA and the highest quality staples and nails BIZON, also offering its customers technical, commercial and service support. The development of sales and bold decisions resulted in the creation of a number of companies: 1998 BIZON Lviv, 2002 BIZON America and BizeA Lithuania.

To meet the demands of the dynamically growing construction market, B.PRO Fastening was established in 2005. B.PRO fasteners and tools have contributed to the construction of thousands of houses in Poland. In 2006, Betarom Fastening was established, which is the exclusive distributor of BIZON brand on the Romanian and Moldavian markets. With two strategically located warehouses in Romania, a network of technical and commercial advisors, as well as tool and machine maintenance services, the company is able to provide a full range of services.

Between 1992 and 2008, the headquarters of BizeA and the BIZON production plant were located in Piaseczno near Warsaw. Today the production of wire, staples and nails, as well as sales and service activities of BizeA are located in Tomice near Baniocha, Góra Kalwaria Municipality. In the new facility, BIZON opened a wire production department, which gave our company full control over the entire production process and placed it in a small group of plants of this type in the world. A new and constantly improved IT system implemented in 2002, as well as a modern warehouse for finished products with over 7 thousand pallet places and highly qualified staff, guarantee the efficient functioning of production, service and distribution.

For nearly 40 years of business, our company has repeatedly faced a variety of challenges, always emerging unscathed. Successive experiences have strengthened our conviction that independence is the foundation of business. That is why we rely on European raw materials, producing wire ourselves, from which individual products and elements from our catalog are created. This enables us to offer our customers European quality immediately, without worrying about deadlines or turbulence on foreign markets.

BIZON and BizeA have a common, unified quality assurance system in an extended scope in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2015, certified in 2002, as well as a launched ERP information system which has been systematically developed until today.

The team, crew, employees of Bizon, BizeA

The Group's objective is to expand its markets, especially in Europe, by developing its subsidiaries and continuously upgrading its production to ensure competitiveness

As a manufacturer, we rely on European suppliers, limiting the impact of global turbulence.

Our technical advisors and service technicians ensure that wherever you are, you are taken care of.

We constantly analyze the needs of our customers, therefore we systematically expand our offer and modernize the technology of product manufacturing. Thanks to that our contractors may lower the costs and increase the efficiency in their plants.

European quality
The quality of our products in the field of fastening ensures continuous and trouble-free operation for our customers.

Availability and reliability
A constant supply of raw materials and flexible production ensure short delivery times.

Being aware of the methods of manufacturing our products, we make every effort to eliminate their negative impact on the natural environment.

A dynamic team of engineers is constantly introducing new technologies and improving the organization of work at BIZON

Team strength
The strength of our company is our experienced staff and energetic team of young people, ready to conquer unconquerable heights...


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